Description is an online community where users can follow the progression of friends vehicles, find direction for their own projects and build a portfolio of their adrenaline fueled accomplishments.

At it’s backbone, Trackstance is a social network for automotive and motorcycle enthusiasts with an outreach application for related organizations.

What differs us from other communities is we provide a motive and a medium for enthusiasts to actively participate with other drivers alongside professional organizations. Any Trackstance user can accomplish this by creating / joining / following niche groups that may offer sponsorship opportunities. These opportunities may vary in criteria and exclusivity; Interested drivers will find motivation to fit the groups criteria so that they may enjoy the benefits each membership opportunity offers.

Group sponsorship offers on Trackstance are envisioned to include but are not limited to automotive parts, event invitation & funding, random accessories, stickers, or even just reputation by association.

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June 6th, 2011 → PRESENT