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The culmination of three years working with The Current as webmaster has provided me the opportunity to contribute to a team of dedicated and extraordinarily enthusiastic colleagues. When I was recruited freshman year, Tracy Crow presented me with the idea of constructing an online version of Eckerd College’s rapidly emergening student newspaper.

With the help of our entire staff and specifically our web team, including Johnny Jones, Max Martinez, Seth Ravid, Mike Geibel and I we were able to develop not only an online presence for our print edition but also a medium of extensibility. Through this extension of the newspaper, we were able to offer students, alums, family and friends a place to connect and receive important and interesting breaking news through Having a committed online team allowed us to capture the exponentially growing audiences of Facebook and Twitter by regularly dispatching engaging material to all of our followers.

After an award worthy effort spread among the shoulders of our entire team, we prevailed to become nationally recognized as an ACP Online Pacemaker finalist; during this time we were invited as a group to attend the ACP/CMA National College Media Convention in Orlando, Fla., where I became considerably closer with the inner workings of the newspaper and those who participate continually to guarantee its success.

The experience given to me by partaking in this “club” is irrevocably the most pertinent real-word experience I gained while at Eckerd College. I was rewarded with praise of worthy work and was criticized when my work was not up to par; but whether compliment or suggestion, the entire time I was supported by my peers to recognize my weaknesses and excel through my strengths.This persistent backing was my motivation in further developing a foothold in the strategic planning of features to implement in future releases of The Current’s related online media website. Democratically and very openly I was given the chance to propose my thoughts and help make decisions and manage the addition of website features and appearance.

Many times, I found myself unexplainably committed to a certain task or project; I found myself committed to the commitment shown by others and I was fueled by the ability to support a vision that encompassed the dreams of an entire unit.

I am beyond proud to have contributed to The Current staff’s vision of dominance among other nationally recognized college newspapers. I only ask that all future staffers commit themselves even more than I have, as now when I reflect upon these past years…the return has been amazing.


2011 ACP Online Pacemaker Finalist Newspaper of 5,000 or Fewer Enrollment (ACP Press Release).
Announced 3rd place winner of best affiliated website from the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ Press Release).

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