Pong Breaker


While attending Eckerd College; Adam Childs, Fabio Urbina and I created this game to exemplify to our teacher and classmates the data management techniques that we learned during our data structures course.


Pong Breaker is a mix of the popular game types pong and brick-breaker bringing new unique twists. Similarly to pong, Pong Breaker is a one-on-one battle to protect your side; the difference is there also exists blocks protecting each player. Player one is red and has red blocks protecting him, player two is blue and has blue blocks. There are two balls, one red and one blue, in play at the same time. the blue ball can only break red blocks and the red can only break blue. At the center are 4 green blocks that can be broken by either ball. First player to get hit four times loses.

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School Project
Photoshop, Java
Completed on April 10, 2010